My friend changed his FB status and is calling it a miracle that i’m actually picking up calls nowadays. Before i used to think something inside me needs to change BIG time when i’ll start doing that again. But nothing changed, or maybe it did. I’ve come to appreciate a lot of things i have right now because reality made me see how short life really is. It also made me become more ambitious. This particular trait is ingrained within me, i guess that’s why all my close friends are always saying how i’m never satisfied. I, however do not agree with the fact that i’m a perfectionist but i do not like adjusting or compromising. When ever i do, i feel like i’m ripping out a part of me. Perhaps i like the unconventionality within conventionality, bringing out something which others cannot see. It might be my this way of seeing things that people call eccentricity. Regardless, today i would like to take this little space and dedicate it to the two most amazing friends i could ever have.

In my first school, i made my first annoying friend and although she would always get on my nerves and would tease me as to how perfect she is, she is the first person i think of whenever i remember my first day at school, or rather any school. You have made my elementary year HELLish but it was interesting seeing how  you used to swing from the first floor veranda and have loud conversations with GOD. Congrats on getting married!!!!!!! Although it really freaked me out.

During my pre school years,  i made friends with 2 girls, both of whose names started with the alphabet ‘T’. They were my neighbours and class mates of my then new school and since i loved prancing around from place to place, i would often visit their homes. I’m really glad i used to have that extroverted nature, because if i haven’t been nosing around into tabby’s house, i don’t know how my present life would have been.  My mom simply said, i have a new neighbour moving downstairs and i went in to peek at their shack. I was just a toddler but the smell of great food, pulled me inside and i see a very cute little girl with a bob of brown hair asking for pickles. Her mom was kind enough to ask me to join them, i had a feeling that the little girl seemed annoyed that i suddenly barged in, but who cares ‘food food!’. I used to be a glutton, now that’ll sound very surprising to the people who see me now. So there,a very humble beginning to the longest friendship i have ever had with any one. The other T was also a great friend but we drifted apart, perhaps the fact that she totally used to push her opinions on me,made me feel like it’s time to move away.

 “Tabby” thank you for being the most awesome friend i could ever have. It’s amazing that it’s been so many years and we still haven’t had a decent fight. I will always envy your hair and your collection of barbies and i’ll always laugh and say sorry to you for making you cry that day, when i wrote that note about y man and our bull of a teacher read it aloud to the whole class. As nor said, i think you are the perfect embodiment of all of us. You are the one person who has probably seen and known everything about me. Well not everything, i will always have my fair share of secrets 😛

When it comes to “Nor”, well we have definitely come a long way. The first time i met her was on our school bus. We used to be in different sections but we never talked, lest even know each others identity. One day, we both happen to sit next to each other and the next thing i remember, i’m telling her about the scariest movie i have ever seen. I was deceived by my uncle and was made to see this movie, thinking that i’m seeing the mister bean series and after i finished watching the eye gauging, heart ripping and possibly the goriest movie of  a life time, i couldn’t sleep for nights and ended up cursing every person who made that movie…. but I’ll thank that movie today, because it made us connect.

 I think we really became friends when she moved into my next new school, she had an amiable personality but she was very guarded. I think that’s why at first i found it difficult to understand what she was thinking. Soon we became the sisters and was even mistaken as twins. Nor, we are definitely two peas in a pod. I’m really sorry for being a hair narcissist and starting our first BIG FIGHT. I can never forget how you cruelly parted the reptile lovers from their precious time of love making……………… with a ruler!!!!!!!!!!!  It was also very educational from my point of view :p . I’ll always be grateful to you for slapping y man, it was tearful for him and hilarious for me… ( everything seems to go around y man somehow). 

So to the two of you, thank you for always being there for me, for putting up with my tantrums and emotional outbreaks, for listening to me nag and rant non stop, for hugging me when i cried my eyes out and for hitting me when i lost my cool. Thank you for everything.



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  1. Nor
    May 18, 2009 @ 22:15:29

    lol…Thanks kash..I am so touched 🙂

    We have certainly come a very long way. But, you never got to the end of that horror story that started this all (cauz you would have to get off the bus before you could get to the end)…hehe..and then years later when I asked you how it ended, you said you forgot. All separating two “teekteekees” during intercourse…hahaha…lol…I remember that too.

    I love you and always will..mwuahhhhhh


  2. Nabz
    May 28, 2009 @ 05:16:09

    WHAO WHAO WHAO!!! I am the one who changed his fb status koshto kore making it known to the world and these two ppl gets all the thanks and crap?? DO NOT like u anymore…super grumpy humph


  3. rahman kashfia
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 19:09:14

    Achha ill dedicate a special to u when nor or tabby writes sumthing on their fb again hehehe….hugs


  4. Tayeba
    Jun 18, 2009 @ 14:11:02

    It’s really amazing how often I had sat calculating how looong we have been friends while ignoring to remember the big and small incidents that made up those years. This post of yours got me reliving some of them. But I would never have remembered the Chaman miss episode though. lol. It was’nt that big a deal. I cried at every silly occasion back then. So did you btw.
    Hey I regret not having a decent fight with you too. It’s really a shame. 😀 Luvyalots. muah


  5. rahman kashfia
    May 26, 2011 @ 08:49:23

    i love myself


  6. rahman kashfia
    May 26, 2011 @ 08:49:38

    i really do


  7. rahman kashfia
    May 26, 2011 @ 08:49:48

    a lot


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