Where is my silver lining???

Pointless argument and pointless justification leads to nothing more than further disagreements and excuses. Perhaps it’s the whole cycle that i’ve gotten tired of. Once my rage reaches its limit, i simply cannot stop myself from going insane. I have this deep seethed urge to destroy everything that i have taken years to build. Regardless once i calm down, i go back to being the pacifist that i am.I sit back and think what’s done is done, my reasons for getting tempermental is never unjustified but i suppose i always manage to take it to the next level.  Throughout the night i couldn’t get enough sleep thinking what if, because of how i react makes people curse my entire existence and that’s why i’ve been so unlucky for this long. Is my karma ever going to take a better turn? Or is my story going to end as a fruitless quest? I’d still like to believe that line we once learned…………’every cloud has a silver lining.’ Thinking back, i realise i’ve cashed in,all the luck i was supposed to have.

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