Battle of minds 2009

BRITISH American Tobacco Bangladesh, one of the leading multinational companies in the country. They Introduced Battle of Minds, the most prestigious business case solution competition for university students making the event a legacy of British American Tobacco all around the world. Brac University and Khulna University emerged as champions in 2008 and 2007 respectively. And countries like Srilanka, Pakistan and Malaysia have also adopted this game.

I have always been a lazy person and my confidence in myself has been an exponential curve- it just kept going down! Until this happened!

My sister-in-law, who happens to be one of the earlier Battle of the Minds Champion from IBA, suggested that I should at least apply. I spontaneously filled in the form at the last-minute of the deadline. Who would have thought, that I’ll end up getting shortlisted.

I must say I’m very lucky to have such a brilliant team, I believe I contributed very little but the 3 days of hectic journey could not have been more fun if not for my team. They changed a lot of the rules and made the game tougher than ever; one my friends actually said ‘ it seems like you guys played the apprectice’.  So true!!

I’ll always be grateful for this wonderful experience of a lifetime. Thank You Allah.

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